Learning Development

Once Content is developed, one means of delivery is  training. Each of our training solutions can be designed and developed by our experienced and innovative staff, to ensure the learning objectives that are unique to your business are achieved.


  • Rapid development WBT
    • Short development cycle using existing slides
    • Quick deployment
    • Low cost
  • Full function WBT
    • Learning checks and user interactions
    • Full multimedia capability
    • Engaging experience for learners
  • Advanced WBT
    • High levels of engagement and interactivity
    • Scenarios, animations, simulations
    • External links for exploration
    • Customizable navigation, look and feel


  • Browser-based framework for online deployment
  • Device independent – Responsive design to adapt layouts by device
  • “Container” for any content format – text, multimedia, links
  • Best suited for quick access to small chunks of content
  • Sample uses include micro-lessons, online job aids, assessments and checklists


  • Face-to-face (ILT) or Virtual (VILT)
    • Structured content
    • Instructor guides
    • Student guides
    • Scenarios and case studies
    • Exercises and learning checks
  • Multiple formats
    • Lecture/Lab
    • Workshop
    • Seminar
    • Webinar