Information Design, Development and Delivery

Our documentation services bridge the gap between technology and the end user by delivering efficient and cost-effective quality documentation. Working from technical specifications, prototypes and in direct contact with our clients, our writers produce a wide range of hardcopy and on-line technical publications.

Content Solution Types We Can Create

  • User Guides
  • Service Manuals
  • Site Preparation Guides
  • Installation Guides
  • Online Help
  • Graphic/media elements
  • Engineering data packages
  • Marketing and sales packages
  • Electronic manuals
  • Business system documentation
  • Policy, process and procedure documentation

How do We Assist Your Organization?

By providing experienced technical content authors and editors – with subject matter experience in Information Technology, Telecom, Pharma, Finance and Manufacturing who have backgrounds working with:

  • Single source content authoring experience in DITA and S1000D
  • Graphic design, 3D modeling and media production
  • Experts in conversion of documentation content to training content, or preparation for translation