Application Integration

If content forms the basis of your business information corpus, the process of energizing and integrating the corpus to support text analysis within AI/ML and Natural Language Processing, NLP–supported applications will enable you to upgrade your suite of automated business processes to build a more effective and productive environment.

Imagine your employees being able to locate answers to their business inquiries quickly so they can act on the information with confidence.  This improves the response time, the accuracy and enables your entire team to progress and complete their assignment in less time.

If you have an Apple iPhone you may have experienced this technology when the phone helps you to complete your text messages or words you are typing in your email or document.  The phone has “learned” what words should be next and if you have special words or phrases that you use in your business – it learns or “predicts” when those are appropriate as well.

If you use Siri, she finds your content on your phone or on the web to assist you.  Today, you can employ those capabilities and more for your business through the use of an Intelligent Business Assistant, socially defined as a generic Digital Employee (DE) that is an artificial intelligent worker who has been “educated” to support generic types of “domain” activities such as Customer Service, IT Support, HR Support, Remote Worker Support and others.

Based on their “built-in” capabilities, the Digital Employee is also capable of being customized to learn your specific organizational policies, procedures and methodologies from the content sources that form the “corpus” of your industry and the way your business performs these activities.

 A Digital Employee (DE) works alone or as part of a team to fulfill repetitive tasks and requests through a text or visually-enhanced, natural language conversational interface to carry on a conversation and carry out actions and activities that are necessary to fulfill your request. Like humans, the DE can switch topics and return to the “unfinished” parts of the conversation/request before the conversation is concluded.

As you can imagine, this type of capability can bring a high level of productivity, customer satisfaction, accuracy, proficiency and completeness to tasks that require both broad domain knowledge as well as being able to operate within specific technical and compliance guidelines.

At SDI Global Services, we can assist you in identifying and acquiring the appropriate AI/ML solutions which can provide the capabilities you need to improve the area of business activity you selected. Or we can provide a systematic, high level Business Process Analysis of an area that you would like examined.


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