Preparing to Initiate the Implementation of a Digital Employee
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Preparing to Initiate the Implementation of a Digital Employee

Friday, October 09, 2020

Business and Technology have long relied on the written word to exchange information using books and video, documents and training content for informing and instructing employees about specific business-related policies, procedures and tasks.  Or to explain to customers how their products function and provide the services as sold.  As time has progressed, newly developed methods for instructing machines, have been integrated within intelligent processes and services, so that business activities, equipment, and devices can be made to perform at a faster, higher and more efficient level. From the early manufacturing processes implemented by Henry Ford to the machine manufacturing techniques of today’s product companies, the next step is to automate human communication processes using an Intelligent Business Agent (IBA).

The use of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) can be applied to various service applications to design and develop cognitive applications that extract new insights and provide workers with new levels of productivity and capability through the use of virtual agents that enable interactions such as conversations or text messages to be exchanged with humans.  Many of us have experiences the use of robotic chats when contacting companies for information or assistance. But implementing the combination of machine learning and natural language processing with the components of artificial intelligence, companies can now establish IBAs that seem more like a human than the chat bots.  With the combination of all of these techniques, the digital agent can learn from continuous interactions with the content sources and with human responses to their interactions.

Having managed years of content development for products, processes, procedures and compliance, SDI Global Services knows how to access, curate, integrate and utilize content needed to support such a domain-specific use of process-related information using Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to create higher levels of digital agent efficiency. Working with companies that have developed the technologies for AI/ML integration, SDIGS understands that the source of the information that the digital agent will need to be educated by comes from the company’s corpus of product, procedure or process content.

Our consulting approach would be to analyze the selected business processes and related the data and content sources that would make up an appropriate Corpus of Information (CI) from which  the intelligent business agent would learn the appropriate responses.  Our team would review, organize and cleanse the data and work with the in-house team to integrate it with the technology being used to train and educate the AI agent. We then identify and assess the solutions needed to apply the AI/ML techniques which would create your desired business outcome.  SDIGS’ experience with content creation as well content delivery along with experience with earlier machine learning products allows us to support your initiative to identify and employ the selected IBA for your business.

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