About Us

About Us

Corporate Overview

Our Team has a combined 40 years of experience assisting Fortune 500 clients to adapt to the ever changing global marketplace by empowering them to discover and refine new techniques for managing a successful enterprise.  We have tackled the many changing faces of business at all levels, including but not limited to business process automation, technology, change management, finance and supply chain management.

Our Approach

Our approach has always been to…

  • Understand our customers’ challenges
  • Bring value and innovation to the project
  • Operate in a continual partnership mode
  • Perform with a high degree of competency and ethics

Our Capabilities

Building on our early success, we developed extensive capabilities in focused areas, such as…

  • Business Process Automation Practices & Solutions
  • Cutting edge & Award-winning learning solutions (Technical & Business Process Documentation)
  • Cutting edge & Award-winning learning solutions (For products, practices & procedures)
  • Unique Application Development Solutions & Support