Content is the Basis for Human and Artificial Intelligence.

  • Humans Read and Learn, Machines Read and Learn
  • Creating Processes that are more productive and efficient
  • Helping to discover and share information for AI/ML
  • Creating the appropriate Corpus of Information
  • Identifying and applying the right AI/ML toolsets

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Business and Technology have long relied on the written word to exchange information using books and video, documents and training content for informing and instructing employees about specific business-related policies, procedures and tasks.  Recently, newly developed methods for instructing machines, have been integrated within intelligent processes and services, so that business activities, equipment, and devices can be made to perform at a faster and higher level.

The use of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) can be applied to various service applications to design and develop cognitive applications that extract new insights and provide workers with new levels of productivity and capability through virtual agents that enable interactions such as conversations or text messages to be exchanged.

Having managed years of content development for products, processes, procedures and compliance, SDI Global Services knows how to access, curate, integrate and utilize content needed to support such a domain-specific use of process-related information using Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to create higher levels of efficiency.

Our consulting approach would be to analyze the affected business processes and the data/content sources of content that would make up an appropriate Corpus of information.  We then identify and assess the solutions needed to apply the AI/ML techniques which would create your desired business outcome.

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EBusiness Process Practices

Building Intelligent Business Practices

Providing workers with new levels of productivity & capability.

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Content Development

Content Development

Our documentation services bridge the gap between technology & end users.

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Learning Development

Learning Development

Our training solutions are developed by experienced & innovative staff.

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Diverse Business Services

Application Integration

Let us customize your applications to fit your business needs.

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Great Ideas

By working together we can find the best solution to fit your requirements. Our expansive network of partnership companies can provide cutting edge solutions for your business requirements.


We Know Content

By helping you create and share a corpus of information contained in business and technical documents, training courses, compliance initiatives, and the like, we set up your environment to advance the use of AI and ML.


Experienced Experts

Whatever the project, we provide the resources that are knowledgeable and can get the job done right and on time! Our recruiting staff work tirelessly to find experienced, knowledgeable and professional resources.


Global Reach

Our network of resources can support your business requirements near and far. We are supported by teams in Europe, South America and India as well as the USA.


AI/ML Solutions

In order for your team to be more efficient, more accurate, and less labor intensive, our techniques are integrated with AI/ML technological tools, that create an environment that supports and continuously improves workforce proficiency.



Our quality and agile development methodologies ensure that the best in class applications are applied to your project and your team creates first-rate value-oriented solutions to present to upper management.